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50 Makers, 20,000 products from 15 states at JLF Bazaar

Meet artisans with their traditional to quirky products. Stunning copper and kansa wares, delicate Sanjhi paper craft, stylish bags featuring Madhubani art and much more. The official festival store at the Bazaar offers products celebrating 10 years of the Festival.


A celebration of stories and storytellers, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is the perfect platform to celebrate the tales and narratives of craft, craftsmen and women, in its many-hued avatars – traditional and contemporary. Direct Create (DC), the online and offline platform that enables makers, designers and buyers to collaborate, co-create and sell handcrafted products, is hosting a vibrant crafts marketplace the Bazaar at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017.

For this year’s festival, DC has brought together a community of over 50 individual makers, designers and buyers to curate this marketplace. The unique crafts showcase honors the versatility and skill of traditional crafts, combining it with a new design language. Celebrating 10 years of the Festival, the Bazaar has a distinct identity. Working across mediums and materials, the makers and craftspeople bring a range that speaks of a creative synergy, power of craftsmanship and the skill of generations. the Bazaar at the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 will include an artisan pavilion at Cox & Kings Charbagh and a special Studio section featuring a larger showcase by select designers and manufacturers at the poolside. It will also host the official festival store featuring products that celebrate its decade long journey.
jaipur literature festival bazaar
The Bazaar will showcase more than 20,000 exquisite and curated, handcrafted products made by a diverse group of makers coming from more across 15 states of India. Every product is handmade, with great detailing, and a sense of love and affection. All these inspiring makers are translating years of traditional wisdom and creativity into a product, and in today’s cluttered world where everyone is seeking something meaningful of their own, these products create a sense of belonging.
At the Bazaar, Direct Create will have Mateen Dijjo of ‘Blossoms of Heaven’ bring his masterpieces in the form of Ikat Pashmina stoles, while Swarang mixes Madhubani art with uber stylish bags and accessories. Saba and Amir from ‘Books Etc.’ celebrate everything about books with their range of stylish and fun accessories line. ‘Coppre’ has stunning copper and kansa wares that speak of both function, beauty and a unique reinterpretation of tradition. Master craftsman Rajesh Singh from Benares makes innovative toys in wood and lacquer. Siraj, an accomplished artist has customized special Khurja vases for Direct Create while ‘Heirloom Naga’, a design firm innovates existing Naga textiles using the help of traditional weavers. This is just a glimpse of the range of craftspeople and their crafts that await festival attendees. 

DC is the brainchild of Sheela and Rajeev Lunkad who have between them decades of experience understanding this specialized language of craft, craft renewal and creating and engaging with sustainable ecosystems.
Said Rajeev Lunkad, Founder and CEO, Direct Create, “With the Direct Create Bazaar @ ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival we are hoping to create an amazing space connecting those who appreciate creative evolution of the arts, crafts or literature. We are excited to bring the results of the collaboration and co-creation of our artisans and designer community members to what we feel is one of best platforms to showcase contemporary handcrafting traditions of India.”

In India craft continues be a way of life for thousands of families, who have inherited their skills and trade from ancestors and continue to depend on handicrafts for their survival. However, with the rise of mass produced, commoditized goods, the livelihood and knowledge of the artisans is eroding. Direct Create is fostering a community of makers, connecting them to new ways of production and design and empowering them with the best tools available in the market across communication, co-creation, design, project management, e-commerce, finance, marketing, community and a global reach.
Sheela Lunkad, Co-Founder and COO, Direct Create added, “We are creating a unique community for makers and designers and empowering them with a powerful technology backbone that makes Direct Create a one of its kind hybrid platform for the Artisan Community. The idea that one can bridge centuries of knowledge and skill and a wide open global market, is inherently exciting and filled with endless possibilities.”


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