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A decision that saved a life

When I was studying in the 3rd semester of MBA in Punjabi University, Patiala around October 2010, one evening, I rode my bike back home after a daily workout from Thapar University to Dukhniwaran Sahib Gurudwara Road, I saw a small puppy running very fast, on my left. It seemed that he had lost or had been abandoned by his family, siblings and his mother. He might be running madly and fast to reunite with them. Being an animal lover, I got a bit worried about this beautiful creature and slowed down my bike. I called the puppy, but he stopped only for a while and then again started running, now he went in the middle of the road towards the divider to go to the other side of the road. It was quite a busy road as four wheelers, minibuses and trucks were passing. I pulled over my bike, thinking that I should help the puppy to cross the road else he might be crushed under any vehicle. 
a precious life
He was too small to climb over the divider, but when I reached there the puppy managed to climb up the divider. Now he reached on the other side of the divider. Before I could reach there he got hit by the speeding bike. He started crying so badly that the biker stopped for a while and then ran away. Shocked, I was still standing on the divider with choking throat and speechless. After a few seconds I controlled my emotions and decided to lift the injured puppy from the middle of the road and to shift him on Kacha road so that he can be saved from further injuries and another accident. I also thought of calling Animal Protection NGO, if he needed some treatment. But as I stepped towards him, he was then run over by a three-wheeler and his whimpering stopped completely. At that point of time I felt that he was dead, but I wanted to remove the puppy from the busy road so that he couldn’t be crushed again and again. (I was thinking that he should not die a dog’s death). I managed to reach near him maneuvering between the heavy traffic. 
As soon as I tried to lift him, I still remember that miraculous moment, when I was surprised after realizing that he was still breathing, his eyes were open, without wasting any time I immediately carried him to the side on kaccha road and surprisingly puppy started playing with me, wagging his tail. Seeing him enjoying and cheering l felt that perhaps he was thanking me. I was still amazed about that astonishing moment, how could that be possible? The puppy, hit and ran over by vehicles few minutes ago, was now playing like nothing happened. He seemed fit and healthy with no visible injuries. After thinking for a while and scratching my head, I came to the conclusion that the speeding bike actually didn’t hit the puppy, he just got shocked and remained still for some time. I recalled the moment when he was hit by a three-wheeler I realized that no wheel ever passed over him, he was just hit by the outer body of the vehicle (second lucky chance). “What an escape! “, I exclaimed.

‘Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi’ Such thoughts crossed my mind. Like any Bollywood movie endings, the puppy found his family and joined them. That was another awesome moment to see him getting along with his family and emotions of the reuniting animals. Now the family went far away and I was still watching him with tears in my eyes. Thank god, my quick decision saved one precious life. A lesson I learnt from this incident is that people are too busy to help or save others. They don’t even value the lives of others. Another lesson- ‘ If you want to support or help others, then don’t waste the time, make a quick decision go ahead and act, because delaying the action may cost a precious life.’

Vitesh Verma, Patiala
Business Officer (Marketing)
Pharmaceutical Industry 
Student of Journalism and Mass Communication
MA 2 Sem IV, Distance Education
Punjabi University, Patiala
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