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Avoid 9 Mistakes To Reach Weight Loss Goals

Renee Rai

More than half the world’s adult population is trying to lose weight. To minimise the struggle, avoid these common mistakes.

“Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid for a Healthier You”


Weight loss only equals a healthy body if you’re not committing mistakes that lead to a loss in weight as well as health.

Desperation to hit a specific number on the scale or achieve a particular body image pushes people to take extreme measures. 

Ultimately, most people end up making common mistakes under the influence of age-old myths, trending diets, paid promotions and irresponsible celebrity advice.

“Due to limited knowledge, people often resort to crash diets or rely on fat burners to quickly shed kilograms”, says Anita Abhi, a fitness trainer with 13+ years of experience. “Such a quick-fix approach is hardly ideal and sustainable”, she further expands.

As access to information has become easier, thanks to the mighty internet, people fall victim to half-baked clickbait content. Anita recommends approaching information obtained from social media platforms with caution, as it typically provides generalised fitness .

How can we qualify whether advice taken from online sources is trustworthy?

“There are wide ranges of fitness training available, catering to general and specific goals. Whenever listening to or following an online resource, always check their credentials, experience and expertise in the field. Make informed decisions and focus on holistic wellness for optimal results”, suggests Anita.

Now let’s take a look at the blunders that are costing you your precious health.

1. Obsessing over scale

While it only makes sense to keep track of weight during a weight loss journey, doing it so often becomes a problem.

If you’re weighing yourself every day, before or after every meal, before or after every workout, you must stop. 

This obsession with the blinking number on the scale will only bring stress and anxiety.

Understand that the measurement of your weight is not the exact measure of your health. Different people could weigh the same but look very different from each other. Why?

Because weight depends on a variety of factors:

  • Muscle mass to body fat percentage
  • Height
  • Water retention
  • Hormonal changes

Therefore, there is no correct number that applies to everyone. Track your progress regularly but with the right mindset.

2. Unrealistic goals and expectations

“Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid for a Healthier You”

Whether it’s your need to get in shape for summer, a wedding that’s coming up, or a vacation. All these reasons call for a makeshift solutions.

The only proper reason to lose weight is to achieve fitness and quality of life. The outcome of such goals could only be achieved with a long-term vision. 

Setting unrealistic goals could lead to adopting dangerous or extreme measures that will eventually hurt your health. In addition, big goals with tight timelines set you up for failure.

3.No exercise or excessive exercise

Diet alone won’t help you with losing weight. 

Exercise/or any physical activity should become a priority, especially when you’re on a weight loss journey. Exercise helps reach calorie deficit and promotes muscle and bone strength and mental health. Making it a regular part of your life will help you keep fit.

However, going overboard with exercising is another major mistake that people make. Pushing your body over and beyond can lead to chronic pain and injury. 

Moreover, When suddenly put through too much work, our body preserves fat to conserve energy.

4. Abrupt Diet changes

“Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid for a Healthier You”

Introducing sudden changes to your regular diet should be well thought out. Do not make the mistake of jumping and juggling between the different diets, whichever is in trend. 

It has harmful effects on your body and mind.

Your focus should be on adopting changes that could be sustained over a lifetime. For instance, completely cutting out the chocolate you love will probably make you hate the whole process.

5. Cutting Carbs

People committing to no-carb diets make the most common mistake. 

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body. Cutting it out of your diet is foolishness. 

You’ll see a loss in weight with a no-carb diet, but understand that it is because carbs retain water in the body. As a result, your body essentially loses water weight which is not healthy.

Choose to restrict simple carbs and continue to keep complex carbs part of your diet.

6. Not consuming enough protein

Protein is a critical nutrient that helps with weight loss. It

  • Keeps you full for a long duration
  • improves metabolism
  • Prevents muscle loss
  • Cut cravings

You have more than enough reasons to adhere to protein-rich meals.

7. Opting for ‘diet’ food

On carefully reading the nutrition labels of packaged diet foods, you often discover that products labeled as “low fat” or “no fat” tend to have higher levels of sugar content.

So if you were reaching for processed or diet food items, check twice. Choose unprocessed food to reduce the risk of consuming higher sodium and sugar levels.

8. Taming appetite with liquids

“Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid for a Healthier You”

Another prevalent mistake is going on liquid diets or overconsuming liquids to trick your body into feeling full.

The very reason it’s not a good idea is the lack of longevity. As we discussed above, seeing the short-term picture of your fitness journey could be harmful in the long run.

9. Poor sleep schedule

If you’re making the mistakes discussed above, you’re probably struggling to get optimal sleep. 

Sleep deprivation means feeling tired throughout the day, physically and mentally. It has negative effects on your health, and in turn, weight fluctuations.

The rise in stress also leads to emotional eating and cravings for fast food.


Deciding to sail on a weight loss journey entails long-term commitment and patience. It is important to note that it’s a slow process. Hurrying this process calls for unhealthy hacks like weight loss pills, gummies, powders, clinical procedures, etc., which should not be consumed without professional advice.

Starting with the right mindset is key. Keeping it balanced and making gradual lifestyle changes is the best way to lose weight and keep fit.




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