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Saif opens secrets of Kareena and his life

Saif talks marriage, movies, muscles and more

A royal Breakfast to Dinner with Saif Ali Khan

Hot and sexy Saif Ali Khan spends the day on television taking the viewers through a day in his life behind the camera. During the course of the show Saif opens up about matters close to his heart, like, being a real life royal and his marriage to superstar Kareena Kapoor. He also shares his fitness mantra and how he thinks he looks best. All on UTV Stars’ show Breakfast to Dinner on 1 December at 7 pm.
hot sexy saif ali khan
Hands Up!!! Sai Ali Khan

The day with the smooth Saif starts out by him showing us his ancestral ring with the Pataudi coat of arms. The Nawab then showed us his other most prized piece of jewellery – his wedding ring. While he spoke about myriad things, one thing the clean shaven Saif could not stop talking about was how much he missed his bearded look and how he felt he should not have shaved! Saif also confessed that nowadays he was quite hooked on to online shopping and that the latest additions to his collection were the cheeky white shoes that he was sporting.

Though Saif seemed really into his footwear, the thing that truly catches your eye is the perfect sculpted body that he is absolutely rocking. However, in spite of the fact that he looked like a certified Greek god, Saif admits that he likes looking “lean and mean.” Adding on further to this Saif shares his good health habits, revealing that eating healthy and light food is what he believes in. “It’s good to eat healthy food,” says Saif as he munches on some popcorn. We bid him adieu as he finishes his snack and leaves the car to take on the rest of his day.

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